Hi,  I'm Jennifer Bonneteau. I'm an artist, teacher and mom living and creating in Murrieta, CA with my family and our dog, Jasper.  I believe we were all born with creative gifts and a desire to connect with one another and that art is a conduit for connection and healing.   Through my work as an artist and teacher I hope to inspire others to tell their personal stories through their own creative expression.

I've been working as an artist for nearly 2 decades as a muralist and an owner/designer of Chick Picks, guitar-pick jewelry.  I've designed artwork for oodles of guitar picks over the past decade including an "Artists for autism" line created along with several other gracious and talented artists to help raise resources and awareness for autism.  Owning and operating a creative art and jewelry business has afforded me the opportunity to gain experience in a variety of areas such as graphic design, web design, and photography and although I've enjoyed all of these creative endeavors, my true passion lies in expressive painting and sharing that process with others through my in-studio classes , online classes and in-person workshops.

I began my love affair with expressive painting in 2014.  I find the process allows me to both lose and find myself at the same time.  My work has been described as electric, emotive and powerful, often employing vibrant hues and dramatic textures.  I often paint portraits because I feel alive and connected to humanity when I'm attempting to capture the essence of a person in a painting...it's often a spiritual experience for me.  My style resonates in the areas of abstract realism and modern Impressionism.  I draw inspiration from my faith, friends and family, music and life experiences teaching and traveling.

I feel blessed to be able to share my passion for creativity with people of all ages and abilities including people with anxiety and autism. It's been my privilege to serve on the Advisory Board for Temecula’s local autism organization, Our Nicholas Foundation, and has aide in their efforts to provide resources for children and families affected by autism. I recently obtained my ART4Healing certificate so I can help at-risk youth, the autistic community, and people with anxiety and/or chronic illness cope by expressing themselves creatively and profoundly through the expressive painting process.  Thank you for your interest and support...xo

Brandman University  Art4 Healing Certificate Program

Mount San Jacinto College

Studied under:
Pauline Agnew
Flora Bowley
Susan Gallo
Tracy Verdugo

2014 Group Exhibition, Villagefest, Palm Springs
2015 Group Exhibition, Villagefest, Palm Springs

2015 The Loft at Lorimar

2016 The Loft at Lorimar

2016 Group Exhibition, Villagefest, Palm Springs

2016 Art of the Walls, Temecula, CA

2016 The Gallery at Galveston


Private collection, Calgary, AB
Private collection, Los Angeles, CA
Private collection, Sayville, New York
Private collection, Phoenix, AZ
Private collection, Scottsdale, AZ
Private collection, Mesa, AZ

Private collection, Roswell, GA

Private collection, San Franscisco, CA
Private collection, Dallas, TX
Private collection, Temecula, CA
Private collection, Murrieta, CA
Private collection, Vancouver, BC